Benefits of Beverage Cans

With its many inherent benefits, the beverage can continues to be the preferred package for marketers and consumers.
A female-presenting person drinks an energy drink outdoors.

Consider These Factors

100% recyclable

Beverage cans are 100% recyclable so our sustainable packaging can be continuously reprocessed with absolutely no degradation in performance or quality.

Convenient and portable

Lightweight and durable, beverage cans are an ideal fit for active lifestyles without the risk of accidental breakage.

Range of sizes, shapes and decoration options

They are available in a diverse range of sizes, shapes and decoration options. Custom printed aluminum cans allow brands to express their unique personality – and consumers to choose brands they identify with.

Complete barrier against light and oxygen

Metal cans offer a complete barrier against light and oxygen which can affect a drink’s flavor and freshness.

Chill more quickly

Beverage cans chill more quickly than other packaging formats.

Large, printable surface area

Beverage cans have a large, printable surface area that serves as a 360-degree billboard for brands on shelves, which is typically not feasible with other package formats.

Most recycled beverage package in the world

Aluminum cans are the most recycled beverage package in the world and have a significantly higher global average recycling rate than PET bottles making it a much more sustainable packaging option.

Aluminum and steel are the most valuable of all major recycled materials

In fact, the materials are so valuable that they more than pay for the cost of their own collection and effectively subsidize the recycling of other, less valuable materials.

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